The Top Beaches For All Your Needs

Finding a good beach to vacation at can be fairly difficult to come by depending on what you are looking for. You might imagine that fans of sunbathing would be happy anywhere but you should always take into account how busy a beach might be and what other activities happen there. After all conditions that are great for wind surfing aren’t exactly going to be favourable for someone who is looking to top up on their sun-kissed look and the last thing you want is a dog coming up and sniffing you in some compromising place whilst you have your head in the sand.

In order to save you some of the hassle of searching for your ideal holiday location we have listed some of the top beaches in the world and exactly what they are good for.

For The Sun Worshippers

If you are looking for a beach to relax and top up your tan on then look no further than White Island in the Philippines. Visitors head to the island on a rented boat and wait for the tide to drop to reveal the sand bank. At the optimum time the beach becomes perfectly flat and provides you with some beautiful views of Mount Hibok-Hibok. This is literally sunbathing heaven for anyone!

For Those On A Budget

Crimea in Ukraine is one of the most underrated regions for holidaying in Europe and this means you can take advantage of its cheaper cost. The Yalta beach is perfectly protected by mountains and there are several beaches to choose between to suit all your needs. There are popular options closer to the city or more secluded ones for anyone who is looking to take part in the likes of water skiing or snorkeling.

For The View

Cape Town’s Table Mountain might hog all the limelight but you’d be foolish not to visit the Llandudno beach. This beach offers perfect sand shores, millionaire homes littered along the hillsides and beautiful green and blue waters. In fact the water looks so appealing that you’ll likely want to jump right in, that is until you realise it is ice cold and you’ll be running back to the warmth of the sand in no time.

For Fans Of Celeb Spotting

If there is one beach in the world that is renowned for its celebrities and paparazzi then it is South Beach in Florida. If you have an eye for celebrities then you are likely going to be able to spot a good few stars whilst you wind down your day there. Of course it’s a great place to catch a tan too and you might even be tempted to treat yourself to a cocktail, although they can be costly.

Alternative Inland Beaches

For those who don’t appreciate the sea breeze too much your solution can be found at Mumbo Island in Lake Malawai National Park. This freshwater lake has the temperature and clear water that beach dreams are made of and the island itself seems like paradise. You can spend your days relaxing, adventuring, snorkeling or just sitting back enjoying the sights with a nice cool beer.